Z is for Fail (and a little bit Win)

As usual, I set out on the A to Z Blogging Challenge with high hopes and higher expectations. 24 posts. 24 letters. 24 chances to win.

And – also as usual – we get to Z and I discover I haven’t quite lived up to the challenge as thoroughly as I’d hoped. Life finds a way to get into your business sometimes. I tripped up somewhere around Q and didn’t get back on the horse – in part because each day that I fell behind it got harder to force myself back on track.

Wherein lies a lesson and the reason that Z is for fail and win.

Fail – because I might not have managed the 26 posts I set out to handle.

Win – because I found some neat new blogs to read and because I did manage most of what I intended, despite the fall.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during the A to Z challenge! We now return you to your regularly-scheduled craziness.