Your Day Needs More Baby Seahorse – And Murder

I try to post aquarium photos every day on my Facebook feed, as well as on Twitter, and starting this year, I’m going to try to share them at least weekly on the blog as well.

15A30 Magellan

When I first started blogging, I shied away from posting photographs of my seahorses or the other inhabitants of my reef. I doubted anyone cared very much about fish, and I didn’t want to become the kind of blogger whose entries focused on cute pet photos and gushing about the personal topics no one wants to hear.

15A05 babies on reef

Ironically, the reef inspires the opposite reaction. To my surprise, the seahorse posts bring in more interest than many of the other things I write. Ego issues aside, I suspect that stems from the fact that the ocean world is as foreign and fascinating to everyone else as it is to me…and I’m glad to have the chance to share the unusual things that go on in my little reef.

So look for more regular updates about Ghillie, Kirin, Vega, Magellan and the rest of the reef.

Also, I’m pleased to announce that as of Sunday, I’m a contributing blogger to MURDER IS EVERYWHERE, a collaborative blog by mystery authors whose novels are set in intriguing foreign locations. My posts will go up twice a month, on Sundays, but if you like exotic locations and adventures, be sure to check out the rest of the fabulous “usual suspects” too!