What Do YOU Love?

Now that 2015 is upon us, I’m returning the Monday Blog Game – a place where I blog on a prompt and invite anyone and everyone who sees it to do the same.

Today’s prompt: What do you love?

The irony of this, for me, is that it seems almost too broad. The minute I started thinking, I realized that I love so many things it was impossible to choose just one.

I love coffee.

Ninja Mug

I love ninjas.

I love seahorses, corals, and even my abalone, Oscar–which pretty much proves I love without regard to outside appearances.

13I05 Seahorses and pagoda

(I love that this photo shows them all.)

I love books that transport me to other places, books that scare me and books that make me think and laugh (and sometimes, even, books that make me cry).

I love my family.

I love the kind of friends that I can call or text at any time–and the kind of friends who call and text (and send me silly photos) because they know I need to see and hear from them, even if I’m boxed up tight in the writing cave. I love that I have friends like that. And I love them for the wonderful, special people they are.

I love falling snow, and sunbeams glittering on a frozen landscape. I love rain, and wind, and thunderstorms (as long as I’m watching from safe inside) and I love being able to live in a place that has weather–if not as much of it as I’d like.

I love rainbows.

I love history, for what it teaches me about other people’s lives and also what I learn about my own when I read it. I love that people have written history for thousands of years, and that even though the books are skewed through the lenses of the people who write them, I love the opportunity to look through those lenses and see the spectrum of different colors in which they view the world.

I love that I have the opportunity to share my stories with the world, on this blog and also through my Shinobi Mystery novels. Despite the years, and work, and struggles, it took to bring them into the world, I love that they are real now, and I love when I hear that readers love them too.

flask of the drunken master

I love that I could keep going, with many, many more things that I love, from Hawaiian trade winds to gingerbread lattes to shaved ice with coconut and tiger’s blood syrup. I love too many things to mention … and I truly love that this prompt brought that to my attention.

January is cold, and dark, and a time of year when many people need bright spots to look into. This morning, I looked into my heart and discovered far more bright spots than I even realized were in there.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me … what do YOU love?