Welcome to Pitch Wars – Did you bring your LANCE?

Welcome to Pitch Wars! The battle has begun!

Today and tomorrow, the Pitch Wars entries (posted at YA Misfits blog) will be viewed (and possibly requested) by a group of agents who have graciously agreed to read and consider the pitch wars entries.

I’ve been working with Chuck Harrelson on his thriller, THE LANCE. (Great title, eh? Surely you knew I wouldn’t enter a war without a reliable weapon.)

Chuck made the process easy. His manuscript is tightly written, fast-paced and beautifully constructed. It was a delight to read, and Chuck was fantastic to work with. In fact, I now consider him a friend – an excellent bonus to what has been an all-around fun experience.

Curious about THE LANCE? Batter up – here’s the pitch:

When an ancient enemy steals the Lance of Hope, an artifact forged in the fires of Hell with the power to kill a God, an unbelieving scientist must join forces with Death and journey through time to rescue his lover, retrieve the Lance, and save mankind.

Want to know more? You can read the first 250 words of the manuscript at YA misfits, where it’s entry #15 – along with all the other manuscripts in contention. And don’t forget to join us on Twitter, where the #PitchWars hashtag will doubtless be all … well, “a-twitter.”