Wednesday Writing Challenge #3: Word Play

A writer gets nowhere without words.  The more, the merrier. I’ve also heard it said that a writer should never use a word in a manuscript until (s)he is comfortable using it “for real” or the word will sound forced, no matter how hard you try to wedge it in there.

This week’s Writing Wednesday challenge takes its cue from necessity: learn a new word, once you’ve never even heard before…and use it in at least two sentences.  First time is here (get thee to the comments!) or on your own blog or Twitter feed (feel free to @susanspann me if you want to).  Then you must use it again within the next three days.  For real, as in “not in a manufactured context.”

You’re creative people.  Make it work.

My word: Anatine (adj.) “resembling or characteristic of a duck.”

My sentence:  The substitute teacher’s shrill voice pierced our ears and her pointer instilled fear in all who saw her, but her anatine walk left only rippling giggles in her wake.

What’s your word today?