Tips from Tesla #1: Don’t Get Kicked in the Face

My son (called Tesla here in order to give him some plausible deniability in public) has an interesting way of looking at the world. I could explain, but instead I think I’ll just make a blog category and let the rest of you experience it for yourselves.

I received some unpleasant news this week, and responded by throwing myself wholeheartedly into a completely different endeavor. I’d been putting off Endeavor #2 for some time, and this seemed like the best way to distract myself from the other issues at hand.

Two days later, Tesla said, “You know, I’ve learned something interesting from watching you this week.”

“It’s like you fell off a horse and it kicked you in the face twice, but you got right back on. It’s not that you didn’t feel it, but at least the horse can’t kick you in the face again if you’re sitting on its back.”

I’ve ridden real horses for more than three decades. I’ve fallen off, and yes, I get right back on, but in all my years of riding I’ve never considered a quick remount in that particular light.

Also, I didn’t actually get back on the same proverbial horse. I got on a different one – which I hope won’t kick me in the face at all.

Still, Tesla has a valuable point.

So if life kicks you in the face this week, get up and into the saddle as fast as you can. It’s no guarantee against a broken nose, but the horse can’t kick you in the face as easily if you’re in the saddle instead of on the ground.

Just thought you might like to know.