The Weeds. I am in Them.

… and if my incoming traffic logs don’t lie, many of you are too.

“In the Weeds” was one of my father’s favorite expressions – even though to my knowledge he never worked in the restaurant industry. I can’t remember a time when he didn’t use the phrase (leading to the probably-accurate conclusion that he spent most of his adult life in the weeds – a trait that apparently breeds true).

For those who don’t know, “in the weeds” is used in the restaurant (and service) field(s) to mean being so far behind that you can’t even see your way back to the path you’re supposed to be on.

Fifteen four-tops seated simultaneously? You’re probably in the weeds. (Or well on your way.)

The concept translates well to any other industry or endeavor also. Unsure if you’re in the weeds today? You’re probably not. But just in case, let me offer a few examples.

Multiple contracts due and not enough hours in the day to finish writing them? In the weeds. (And also, likely, sitting at my desk.)

The boss needs those reports by Friday … but won’t give you the assignment until Thursday evening at 5pm.  The weeds, they’re calling.

Your manuscript deadline has gone from “approaching” to “receding farther with every day that passes.” Weeds at eyebrow height and growing fast.

Do you have six children under the age of five? You’re not only in the weeds, my friend, you’re not getting out for a decade.

Are you in the weeds today? Hop into the comments and share!