The Return of the Monday Blog Game

After a brief holiday hiatus, the Monday Blog Game is returning as a permanent feature starting this coming Monday, December 17.

What’s the Monday blog game?

Simple. Every Thursday, I’ll post a topic on my Facebook page. Anyone interested in playing along should pick up the topic and either post on the topic the following Monday or leave a comment here on my Monday blog post giving an answer to or thoughts about the topic. (You can do both, and you can also blog at your own blog and leave a comment here with a link so readers can find your post.)

The point of the game is simple: having fun and seeing other people’s thoughts on random topics.

The topic for Monday December 17 is: Favorite Word(s). Pick one and tell me why it’s your favorite. As a bonus: if you’ve never actually used your favorite word in something you’ve written, tell me why!

If you’re reading this, you’re invited to play along – and I hope you will!