The Reef in Review, April 2013

Last month I started a new feature: –  the Month in Review, Reef Edition. And so, with no further ado, let’s take a look at what happened in April, 2013:

The best shot of the month goes to Cyg & Ceti: a mid-water clip from their mating dance:

13E07 seahorse dance

Elsewhere on the reef last month:

Lots of algae meant a need for additions to the clean-up crew. This time, that meant large turbo snails and also nassarius snails, which spend most of their time burrowed in the sand and emerge at feeding time to clean up the aquarium floor.

13E07 nassarius

(They’re fully aquatic, but can survive for short periods out of the water. This one went into the reef as soon as I took this portrait.)

The new porcelain crabs, Face and Hugger, made a happy home in the anthelia coral, and this shot of Face with feeding fans extended was a no-brainer for “best photos of the month”:

13E07 porcelain crab feeding

And last, but certainly not least, Emperor Maximus Angryfish was up to his usual shenanigans–disapproving of everyone and everything that met his gaze:

13E07 Max Disapproves