The Lady or the Tiger

Can’t believe I missed this story the first time around.

In February, a 55 year-old Malaysian woman  saved her husband’s life by driving off a tiger with a soup spoon.

Tambun Dedin was hunting squirrels in the jungle near his home when the large cat attacked.  He climbed a tree to escape but the tiger followed him up, dragged him back to the ground and clawed at the man’s face and back.

His screams alerted his wife, Han Besau, who ran into the jungle carrying a wooden ladle she was using to cook soup. When she saw her husband’s dire situation, she jumped in and bashed the tiger on the head with the ladle. The cat soon ran away, and Tambun Dedin is expected to make a full recovery from his wounds.

This does, however, put a new spin on the age-old choice about the lady or the tiger. Suddenly the tiger isn’t looking quite as fierce by comparison.