Thanking the Teacher Substitutes

September 13-17 is official “Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week,” and I thought I’d thank a few of the teacher substitutes in my life.  (Yeah, this is how my brain works.  Welcome to the Crazy.)

This post is dedicated, with heartfelt thanks, to:

– My younger brother, who taught me the value of minions (and the consequences of revolution).

– My father, for demonstrating (over and over again) why it’s never good to let logic creep up behind you in an argument.  (Because nothing is worse than that moment when you realize you’re not only wrong, but you can’t even make wrong sound good.)

My cat, Oobie, a model of the important principle that “It doesn’t matter what they call you when you’ve already decided to ignore them.”  (and its corollary, “If they don’t include you when you want them to, go anyway because it was clearly an oversight.”)

-My computer for teaching me that not every frustrating situation can be solved with a hammer.  (Real problems also need Visa.)

– The third step on the office stairs, for showing me what happens when you fail to pay attention to details.  (Twice.)

and last but not least,

– My friends, for teaching me that even the imperfect things of the world are still worthy of time, attention and friendship.  I hope I do as good a job of teaching them that lesson in return.

Who or what would you thank as a teacher substitute today?

2 thoughts on “Thanking the Teacher Substitutes

  • September 15, 2010 at 10:30 am

    I’d like to thank all the substitute teachers I had in High School. They were the guinea pigs as I fine tuned my incredible bird calling whistle technique. To this day when people axe ( :]~) me where I learned how to do that I get this glazed look in my eyes as I fondly remember the subs trying to figure out who was whistling, or where that damn bird was!

    Thank you :).

    • September 15, 2010 at 11:09 am

      *snicker* Does this mean I need to blog about the incident with the erasers in the ceiling?

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