Tank Tuesday: Feeding Time at Kyoto Aquarium

One of my first stops in Japan last summer was the Kyoto Aquarium. (This might surprise some people, but those who know me also know that I’m a sucker for well-kept aquariums and exotic fish.)

Like many large aquariums around the world, Kyoto features an enormous “deep sea” exhibit featuring many species of fish, including sharks and rays, along with sea turtles, corals, and invertebrate life.

We arrived at feeding time, and I loved snapping shots of the diver feeding the various species — none of whom seemed frightened by his presence.


Today, I’m sharing three of my favorite shots from the “early feeding,” when the schools of smaller fish swarmed in to take advantage of the time between the diver’s appearance and the arrival of the slower, but larger, sharks and rays:


While I love to watch aquatic species moving around at any time, I enjoy watching the interactions between fish and scuba divers (in part because I love to dive myself), and it was fun to have the chance to photograph the aquarium with a diver in the tanks.


Do you scuba dive? Do you like to visit aquariums when you travel?