T Minus Seven…and Counting

Seven days from today, I leave for Japan.

Teahouse at Koishikawa

This trip is a fairly big deal, for several reasons.

–Despite publishing several novels set in medieval Kyoto, this is actually my first trip to the country I love so dearly. (I work with a historian and a tour guide who live in Japan, but despite my intentions, it’s never worked out properly for me to go before.)

–My son, the Sophomore (almost the Junior now…) has spent the last three months in Japan on a study abroad program through his university. This is the longest he’s spent away from home, and I’m eager to see him.

–Although I’ve loved Japan longer, the Sophomore has developed his own special relationship with the country, and I’m looking forward to seeing Japan through his eyes as well as my own.

–My husband is staying home (someone has to feed the fish, right?) so I will get to spend some special time with my son, perhaps the last such time before he graduates from college and starts his life as an adult.

I’m heading over for research, so expect many photos, updates, and some re-posted blog entries in the weeks to come. (The re-posted entries will be mostly selections from posts I’ve written for other blogs, so they’ll be “new to you” in almost all cases…) And when I return? Expect BIG JAPAN CONTENT.

I’ll try to check in from the road when I can, but without guarantees of high-speed Wi-Fi and time to post, I’m making no guarantees. After next Wednesday, you’re pretty much on your own for a couple of weeks.

Try not to burn the place down while I’m away.

2 thoughts on “T Minus Seven…and Counting

  • May 29, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    Hopefully the reef residents and cats will be good for their caretaker 🙂

    Also, remember to bring a photo of Max with you, so you’re reminded to behave in Japan 😉

    • June 1, 2015 at 9:55 am

      I take Max with me everywhere, on my phone. As you say…he’s a constant reminder of the shenanigans I should (not) get into…

      I’m hoping everyone behaves — my husband is a good caretaker, so at least I have the best one (aside from me) watching the fort.

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