Surprise! It’s a New Blog Game!

And you’re invited to play along, either in the comments or at your own blog.

At my critique group meeting over the weekend, we talked about blogging and inspiration. Although it’s good for authors to blog, it’s common for writers to feel “boring” in short-form and to worry that they won’t have anything interesting to say in the blogging context.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even if you live in a basement, surrounded by cats and last-month’s Starbucks latte cups, you’ve got something worthwhile to say. Something makes you interesting. (Possibly the fact that you live in a basement inhabited by latte-drinking felines.) Something makes you different. Your view of the world is not like anyone else’s.

Doubt me? Take a look at The Debutante Ball. Five women, one topic, five radically different answers every week. Last week’s topics ranged from writer’s block to ninja turkeys to getting naked with snails (or possibly slugs). And the call of the question was merely “surprises.”

In order to jump-start my writing friends, I’m starting a new game here at the blog – a weekly topic call for anyone to respond to. Hop in here on Monday mornings to find the topic and respond in the comments or on your own blog (and feel free to link back if you’d like – I’d love to see your thoughts!). This week’s topic is “Surprises” – in honor of both the game and its inspiration.

So: what does “surprise” trigger in you? A memory? An experience? Something you’ve read? Join the fun and let me know!


Julianne Douglas has a big surprise for the French over at Writing the Renaissanceclick through to see!

Amanda Orr discovered not just one but two surprises to share … 9 Months Later.

Janet Taylor had a nasty surprise – that she couldn’t even talk about at first – I won’t spoil the ending but this is one you must read for yourself: Surprises.

Arabella Stokes had a surprise she thought would be nasty – but it turned out to be a fantastic, happy one! Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

C.V. Perkins of The DeAubrey Digest has a Surprise! post too – about surprise parties and how much fun it would be to have one.

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