Sometimes, the Weeds, they Win

Last night Tesla informed me that he wants to change his 11th grade science course from Physics to Special Topics in Botany. But not foo-foo botany. Life’s not all daisies and dogwoods you know.

Tesla wants to study … “aggressive species.”

The type that take down non-sessile organisms, conquer forests and make mighty oaks cry for mercy. In short, he wants to study poisonous plants and creeper vines.

He is his mother’s son.

We homeschool in part to allow (and foster) his curiosity, so this morning I pulled up Amazon and went looking for a suitable text. Didn’t take very long. “Botany, poisonous plants” pulls up a variety of interesting candidates (and since I write mysteries, I’m already on whatever watchlist the sniffers devote to people who read about poisons and weaponry anyway). I reviewed the options and made a decision – one I admit I’m looking forward to reading myself.

I give you: Mind-Altering and Poisonous Plants of the World, in all its illustrated, 464-page glory.

Review forthcoming.

Now I need to figure out how to deal with Tesla’s request for a greenhouse. Somehow I don’t think he’s planning for strawberries.

One thought on “Sometimes, the Weeds, they Win

  • October 16, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Very intriguing title. Sounds like your son is going to have some fun things to study.

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