Should This Be On Your Christmas List?

The last minute gift for that person on your list who has saggy pants everything?

The Sags Gadget.

An inventor in Harlem, New York has finally solved the “saggy pants problem” once and for all.  After noticing that neighborhood teens had problems keeping their oversized pants from hanging to their hips without falling around their ankles, Andrew Lewis invented a garter belt-style contraption that fits around the waist and holds the pants at the “proper” height.

It’s even adjustable.

Those of us who continue to cling to the obviously mistaken belief that pants should be worn around the waist (and in something approximating the proper size for the hips and bum in question) might initially find the device pointless, unnecessary or even ridiculous, but after a few minutes’ consideration I did find one very positive aspect of the invention.  We won’t have to watch a skinny teenager’s size 64 pants fall down around his ankles in public again.

For which we should all be truly grateful.

What’s the weirdest Christmas idea you’ve seen this year?