Shinobi News: June 28, 2014

We’re just two weeks (and a couple of days) from the launch of the newest Shinobi Mystery, BLADE OF THE SAMURAI I can’t wait!

Blade cover

Blade takes place a little more than a year after Claws of the Cat, in June of 1565. When the shogun’s cousin turns up dead, Hiro and Father Mateo find themselves summoned to solve a murder within the walls of the shogun’s compound. With Lord Oda’s troops on the way, and one of Hiro’s fellow shinobi a primary suspect, master ninja Hiro will find himself forced to choose between his duty and personal loyalty.

Kirkus Reviews says “Hiro and Father Mateo’s second adventure (Claws of the Cat, 2013) combines enlightenment on 16th-century Japanese life with a sharp and well-integrated mystery.”

and Booklist calls Blade  “A strong second entry in a very promising series.”

I’ll be doing readings and signings throughout the summer, and making a bunch of virtual tour stops too. I hope you’ll check the Events page for details!