Shinobi News: January 26, 2013

This week in Spann of Time News:

I’m excited about the upcoming launch of Kerry Schafer’s BETWEEN. Kerry is a friend, but I loved her debut fantasy novel – and as part of the launch festivities, I’ll be hosting The Random Penguin here at the blog and on my  twitter feed in the coming week.

If you don’t know Kerry’s little friend RP, you’re in for a treat as we celebrate BETWEEN with Random Penguin Week at Spann of Time!

Some other places I’ll be this week:

1. On January 30 I’m guest blogging at Writers in the Storm, continuing my ongoing series on author business plans. This time, the topic is creating and managing Author Timelines.

2. On January 31 I’m blogging at Chiseled in Rock. This week, we’ll continue to look at grants of rights in publishing contracts.

3. Also on the 31st, I’ll be at the Debutante Ball – with the Random Penguin – talking about BETWEEN!

In Shinobi Mystery News, I’m excited about the upcoming launch of my full author website – watch this space, the fun starts soon!