See? Horses.

Slogging through weeds today, but I thought I’d throw out a couple of gratuitous introductory shots of the seahorses. In keeping with the blogging standard, I didn’t introduce them until they had names, but now that they do…

The male is Cygnus (aka “Munchkin”)

and the female is Sputnik:

The photos don’t do justice to the cuteness, but they come pretty close.

They arrived almost exactly six months from the date I set up the tank, and now that I’ve had them almost a month I can say with confidence that the result is worth all the effort. They’re small, and not completely “out of the woods” when it comes to keeping them fed and happy, but they’re already a serious distraction, especially when the munchkin starts begging for food (and he’s always begging for food).

That face always makes me smile.

So that’s what I see when I sit down to write in the evenings. What’s the view from your desk?