Reef Retrospective, September 2013

I know it’s technically the second Tuesday in October (no clue how time flies like that) but here are a few of September’s best images from the reef:

Emperor Maximus Angryfish let Emo know that some territorial boundaries can’t be crossed without consequences:

13I15 Max Emo 3

Banzai the Halloween Hermit discovered the seahorses’ feeding dish (and now shows up there precisely at feeding time every night):

13I29 Banzai in Seahorse food

As always, the sight of seahorses eating dinner makes me smile:

13I05 Seahorses and pagoda

Ceti still doesn’t know quite what to make of Tesla, the flame scallop:

13I06 Seahorse and Scallop

 And, last but definitely not least, Red the cleaner shrimp gives Flappy a combination “bath” and massage:

13J07 Red cleaning flappy

Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide!