June 8, 2012 is official “Oopsy-Daisy Day.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what to make of this observance, but fortunately the spam filter was happy to help me out.

When I checked it this morning, I found a comment from the operator of a “new website of excitement” who’s “starting a new scheme on the Internet” and was hoping to “excehange link possibilities” (yes, that’s a quote) with someone of my sterling expertise. I’ll pass on an explicit description of the “commenter’s” URL  (suffice it to say “explicit” is, in fact, the operative term).

While I’m sure the Internet needs new schemes to provide the viewing public with access to this kind of *cough* quality content, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on the opportunity.

All of which is the long way ’round the barn to explain that although the commenter took great pains to make the comment look like a new blogger trying to get a little assistance, the triple-X URL and email address made the real scheme perfectly clear.

Oopsy daisy – I see you hiding there.