Observations of March 2011*

Despite its leonine approach, the first day of March still surprised me this year. Weeds being what they are, I could have used another day or two in February.

Still, March is upon us, so let’s take a look at some of the observances happening this month.  March is:

National Ethics Awareness Month (Apparently, you don’t need to have them, as long as you know that you don’t.)

Credit Education Month (because a credit card is a terrible thing to waste)

Caffeine Awareness Month (coffee..Coffee…COFFEE!)

Frozen Food Month (peel back foil from observance)


Cheerleading Safety Month (Save the Cheerleader, Save….well, pretty much just the cheerleader.)

March is also “Small Press Month” – and as someone who not only writes but spends a significant part of her day attending to small presses’ needs, let me be among the first to say “Many Happy Returns” to all of them.

Got any more? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

*And yes, I know it’s Tuesday. The Tank Day post will return next week.