November on the Reef

I’ve been less than perfect about my reef posts for the last couple of weeks – but I promise we’re back on schedule now. And since it’s the first week in December, it’s time for a November retrospective on the reef:

I caught Ripley the porcelain crab at the end of a successful moult, with the old shell still clinging to her legs:

13L02 Crab moulting

And the zoanthid and daisy polyp corals enjoying the evening lights:

13K30 Corals

Max spent lots of time hanging out in his cave:

13K30 Max being Max

And enforcing the “no shenanigans” rule when Emo got out of hand.

13K30 Max feisty

Finally, near the end of the month, I captured one of the best moments of the year: a porcelain crab taking a ride on the back of Wilson the sea urchin. Yeehaw!

13K30 crab on urchin

Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to the urchin-pony ride, but I like them all!