Marching Through Monthly Observances (2013)

March may have a reputation for “coming in like a lion,” but this one seems to have sneaked in more like a mountain lion hunting prey than its roaring savannah cousin. Translation: I missed this post last week, but we’re catching up now!

For those who didn’t already know, March 2013 is official:

Small Press Month (We’re looking at you, Independent presses – stay strong and keep up the good work!)

Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month (Maybe they need rescuing form the lions?)

Frozen Food Month (Hold on, TV Dinner, I’m gonna let you finish … but ice cream is the best frozen food OF ALL TIME.)

Exotic Winter Fruit, Leeks, & Green Onions Month (Spin the wheel of fruit!)

Caffeine Awareness Month (coffee, Coffee, COFFEE!!!)

Save Your Vision Month (my colored fonts aren’t helping.)


Optimism Month (though I doubt it will ever catch on…)

Have more crazy March observances? Please share them in the comments!