Looking for a Writing Retreat? Try IRELAND this summer!

The Road Less Traveled Tours is offering fantastic seven-day writing tours of Ireland this summer:

     Have you written a manuscript that you’d like to see published, but you know it needs the perspective of a professional editor?

     Maybe you’ve got a short story you know you could sell if only you could get some constructive feedback. 

     Would you like a vacation amid castles and megalithic tombs, faerie forests and soothing blue lakes? 

Then come venture down The Road Less Traveled, and get the vacation of your dreams, along with individualized advice from a professional author or editor, all at a price that would normally cover either a professional edit OR a vacation.

Your tour package will include private conferences, group classes, workshops, and individual partial manuscript critique. 


The first tour takes place June 1-8, with me as the featured author! I’ll be teaching sessions on mystery writing and series fiction, and also one-on-one manuscript coaching with each of the participants. In addition, The Road Less Traveled’s guides will take us on fabulous tours of Irish landmarks, including a dinner at a haunted 15th century castle.

The second tour, July 8-16, features Heather Webb, author of the fabulous novel BECOMING JOSEPHINE (she’s also a friend of mine, and a brilliant editor with stellar teaching skills).

The third tour, September 7-14, features author and American Book Award winner Stephanie Cowell. 

My tour isn’t limited to mystery authors — we’ll be looking at series fiction, and even standalone novels, too. However, if you’re looking for a chance to spend some one-on-one time with a mystery author in an enchanting, mysterious location … this is the tour for you.

Space is limited, and registration is already open, so if you’re interested, head over to THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED and check out the details!

If you’re a writer, or looking for a fabulous gift for a writer–published or still on the road to publication–think IRELAND. Come for the writing, the fun, and the mystery!