Looking for a Conference? Try RMFW!

The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Association’s annual Colorado Gold Conference is taking place next month in Denver, CO.

I attended for the first time last year, as a last-minute (July registrant) writer attendee with no prior experience at the conference or with RMFW. I could not have been more pleased. Not only are the RMFW members friendly, helpful and eager to make everyone feel equally welcome (members and non-members alike) but I met a number of fantastic writers, some of whom remain my friends to this day.

I cannot wait to return next month, see the Tribe and enjoy another three days in the company of RMFW. I can’t recommend this conference highly enough.

So if you’re a writer looking for a place to learn, play and interact with published authors, industry professionals and writers at every stage of publication, RMFW is the place to be!**

** Disclaimer: Although I was not paid to promote this conference, I am a compensated presenter at this year’s Colorado Gold event. However, I have no obligation to promote the conference and no one has asked me to do so. The promotion is entirely because I have a genuine appreciation for RMFW and enjoyed this conference so thoroughly last year, when I was only an author-attendee and not a presenter.