Let’s Read-A-Thon!

Yesterday I signed up to participate in the upcoming Dewey’s Read-a-Thon, a 24-hour reading challenge that takes place on October 9, 2010.  (You can still join up.  The link is here.)

When I announced this insanity decision to the family, my son decided he’d like to read along, so there will actually be two of us participating here at Spann of Time.  We’re planning to read for the entire 24 hours, starting at 5am PST on October 9 and ending at 4:59 on October 10.  We’re compiling reading lists now, and I’ll update on the process as time goes by.

As an added bonus, I’ll be making a donation to Reading is Fundamental at the end of the Read-a-Thon.  I’m pledging $10/hour for every hour that my son and I both read during the event ($5/hour each).  I’d love to see some other participants make a similar pledge.

Anyone have suggestions for good, fast reads I can add to the list?