July Monthly Observances, 2013

July is upon us, in all its thermonuclear-temperatured glory. For those of you not too wilted to celebrate, remember that July 2013 is official:

Air-Conditioning Appreciation Month (and boy, do we appreciate it here in Sacramento, where summer temperatures often make you look for the guy with the pitchfork.)

National Grilling Month & National Ice Cream Month (Pro tip: don’t combine them. Ice cream fares somewhat poorly on the grill.)

Smart Irrigation Month (When it’s this hot? Forget the lawn. Water ME.)

Cell Phone Courtesy Month (Remember to tell SIRI “thank you!”)

and, on a more private — but all-inclusive — front, July is the official launch month for my debut Shinobi mystery, Claws of the Cat!

Claws of the Cat Cover (FB)

The novel hits stores across the country on July 16 – and the festivities will continue all month long! Check out the Events page, and stay tuned to this space for more details.