Introducing Author Interviews

In March 2012 I’m adding a new feature to the blog: author interviews.

The interviews will feature both traditionally-published and independent/self-published authors in a variety of genres. Beyond the entertainment value, interviews give readers a chance to meet new authors, and authors an opportunity to talk about books – their own and the ones that inspire them. From my perspective, that’s win-win-win.

I already have some fantastic interviews scheduled, and I’m looking forward to many more.

In keeping with the family-friendly nature of the blog, interviews will not include profanity or obscenity, and will feature authors of books in the following classes or genres: mystery, thriller, historical fiction, mainstream fantasy/sci fi (if you write in these genres, feel free to ask), women’s/chick lit, literary, humor, and nonfiction. Edit: YA, MG and children’s books are also welcome.

If you want to meet some great authors, this is the place to be.

Now – a bit about the rules:

As always, I reserve the right to decide who does (and does not) play in my sandbox. (Note to the wise: a sense of humor goes a long way.) Generally speaking, I’m planning to feature authors within a month of their books’ release dates or authors who have something new and exciting to share, but I’m not opposed to interviewing authors about other subjects too. Space is subject to availability, as well as my opinion about the type of books my readers would like to see.

Authors interested in participating can contact me by e-mail (SusanLSpann (at) gmail (dot) com) or via Twitter (@SusanSpann). I’d love to hear from you!