In Which Random Penguin Goes Fishing – & Makes a Friend

As some of you may know, Kerry Schafer’s friend the Random Penguin is visiting me this week. He’d been eager to see the seahorses and the aquarium, and today he celebrated BETWEEN’s official launch day … by going fishing.

I asked him whether he’d rather do something book related – since today IS the day Kerry’s debut novel is officially released.

But he was already telling the bumblebee snails all about his world tour to promote the novel.

13A RP and bumblebee snails

He tried to talk with Emo, but the clownfish seemed to think the Random Penguin had designs on the anthelia coral and spent the entire time defending his castle.

13A RP and Emo

Fortunately, Ceti seemed more interested in hearing about BETWEEN, and about Poe, the penguin in the book who RP seems to believe was modeled on him, even though I have it on good authority that his story isn’t exactly true.

13A RP and Ceti

After that, the Random Penguin spent some time chatting with Cygnus, who swam straight to the glass to meet the well-dressed visitor.

13A RP and Cyg

All things considered, the Random Penguin had a great morning at the aquarium. When we finished, I asked him how he’d like to celebrate the launch of BETWEEN this evening.

Here was his answer:

13A RP and Tawny Port

And I was happy to oblige. The penguin’s got good taste!

Congratulations to my friend and fellow author Kerry Schafer on today’s launch of BETWEEN!