In Which I Explain My Absence and Promote a Conference

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been slacking. Instead of blogging, I have spent the last week:

1. Reclaiming a portion of my yard from knee-high grass after a month of rain and no sunny days to mow.  Final score: Susan 1, Lawns 1 (But you can’t see the victorious one from the street.)

2. Heading off a nitrate spike in my aquarium and getting the seahorses settled before I leave town tomorrow. (My husband is babysitting them in my absence, but he’s not the aqua-geek I am so I wanted it “plug feed and play” while I’m gone.)

3. Preparing to attend the Historical Novel Society Conference in San Diego this weekend. (As a writer more than an attorney, and not presenting at this one, so I can actually spend my time thoroughly geeked-out over the writing when I don’t have client issues to address.)

4. Explaining to Tesla that men and women think differently. Case in point: when a guy says “I love cookies & cream ice cream” he means “I love cookies & cream ice cream.” His female date hears “There’s something wrong with you because you ordered mint chip.” (If you’re not nodding, you’re under 15 or never met a member of the opposite sex.)

5. Dealing with the twelve mandatory client emergencies that arise in the last 48 hours before an attorney leaves town on something that might possibly resemble “vacation.” (Note – the conference isn’t a vacation, but I’ll be out of pocket so it counts.)

6. Eating lemon cupcakes. (I even put myself out to eat an extra one for out-of-town friends. You see how I sacrifice?)

7. Reading four novels and one non-fiction book about ninjas. (My next project involves a ninja. I could tell you more, but I’d rather let it sneak up on you.)

The astute among you noticed that “writing” didn’t make that list. “Sleep” and “blogging” didn’t either. I’ve corrected two of those errors now.

As for sleep, I didn’t much like it anyway.

Anyone else heading to the HNS conference this weekend? If you didn’t make it to this one, but write historical fiction, I encourage you to join the society and try to make the next one – and I’ll be blogging from the conference over the weekend, so tune in and see what’s going on in San Diego!

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  • June 17, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Have fun storming the conference!

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