I’m a Geek….Will You be a Geek With Me?

For those who don’t know John Scalzi (author of Redshirts, Whatever-blogger extraordinaire, and much, much more) you should.

This post alone explains why: Who Gets to be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be.

It took me years decades to grow comfortable with my inner geek, and even longer to develop the level of confidence required to let my banner fly where others could see it. I am an author, a gamer, a fan of science fiction and an unabashed murderer of imaginary friends. I love Star Wars, World of Warcraft, my aquarium, and technology of every possible variety. I talk to Siri as if she was a person and not a machine.

In short, I am a geek.

Scalzi’s recent post about geekdom, written in response to a self-identified geek who apparently misunderstood the qualifications for entry into the Geekish Kingdom, sets the record straight once and for all. I could say more, but Scalzi has said it all, and said it better, and on this point I’m letting him speak for me also.

Please click through and read it.

As Scalzi eloquently notes, “the true sign of a geek is a delight in sharing a thing.” We love what we love so much that we want nothing more than to share it with others who love it too.

By this definition, all authors are geeks. We live our lives with imaginary people so real that we tell their stories to anyone and everyone who will listen. We love anyone and everyone who loves their stories too.

A year from now my novel, Claws of the Cat, will be sitting on bookstore shelves and digitally living in Kindles and Nooks. If you read it, and like it … please tell me so. In fact, if you ever see any author – in person or online – and you loved their book, please tell them. Write an email. Send a tweet. Pen a letter if it’s your thing. But tell them. People sometimes forget that authors are just another form of geek seeking to share the love of something enjoyed.

I’m an unabashed fan of the authors I read and admire, and always will be. As I said before, I’m a geek that way – and if there’s something you love, I hope you’ll be a geek with me, too.

One thought on “I’m a Geek….Will You be a Geek With Me?

  • July 28, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    I love that the technology exists to connect with the writers I love and I can follow them on twitter, share my joy in reading their work.

    And I can’t wait to fan-girl all over your book! (In a non-stalkerish, totally geeky way, of course)

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