Headless Chickens, Cover Art, and Other Things of Interest

I arrived at work this morning to discover that the “common area construction” on the office building had blocked all access to my office.

Strike 1 on the day.

After a quick re-ordering of the ducks, I ran some errands, picked up Tesla, and we went to Old Town Fair Oaks for a lunch of coffee and pastries. (mmm…pastry.)

For those who don’t know, Old Town Fair Oaks is populated by feral chickens, some of which have chosen a life of crime. Case in point:

This apparently innocent chicken was lurking outside the bakery where Tesla and I had lunch. Ten seconds after I took this photo, it chased an elderly man across the street and attempted to mug him for his pastry. Fortunately, the victim’s wife came along and foiled the crime in progress. (Formidable handbag 1, fowl criminal 0.)

In other news, my friend and fellow debut author Kerry Schafer is kicking off her BETWEEN Dream Tour and giveaway to celebrate the cover of her upcoming novel, BETWEEN! Click here to enter the contest – she has some really great prizes to share (including a query critique from someone VERY special – click through to find out who!)

Stop 1 on the tour is at Marley Gibson’s blog today. The tour continues Tuesday Sept 18th on booksmakemehappyreviews.com, Wednesday, Sept 19th on faithhunter.net/wp/blog, Thursday Sept 20th on qwillery.blogspot.com, and ends with the BOG REVEAL on www.KerrySchafer.com this Friday, Sept 21. Be sure to click through and keep up with all the fun!

And, in honor of both my morning and Kerry’s week – I’ll leave you with my first attempt at rogue chicken photography:

I promise, it had a head when I snapped the shutter.