GROUNDHOG DAY! (And Other February Events)

February comes in like a groundhog and goes out like…well, probably a slightly less sleepy groundhog.

While Punxsutawney Phil gets his prognostication on (and Phil says we’ve got six weeks of cold and snow), I thought I’d share some of the other observances taking place this month.

February 2012 is official:

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month (Groundhogs are only in vogue February 2)

Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month (and then, in March, we celebrate “Wilted Seeds of Hope”)

Parent Leadership Month (You can lead a parent to children but you can’t make them eat those peas.)

Return Shopping Carts to the Market Month (For extra fun…return them to a different one than they came from.)

Time Management Month (Learn about it on Twitter…)

and, last but not least,

Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month (And while you’re at it, get those La-Z-Boys off the ceiling.)

Now get out there and celebrate! (Phil says take a jacket…it’s going to be cold.)