Go-Shuin-Cho: Pilgrim Stamp Books of Japan

During my trip to Japan last summer, I started my first go-shuin-cho (a stamp book which, historically, pilgrims had stamped and inscribed with calligraphy by monks or priests at Japanese Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines)

16G28 Goshuincho

I had the book stamped at each of the shrines and temples I visited, and will continue to fill the book upon my return to Japan. (When it’s full, I’ll start another.)

For more about this custom, and pictures of all of my shuin (temple stamps), click over to Murder is Everywhere.

I’m also on virtual tour for the upcoming August 2 release of The Ninja’s Daughter – the newest Hiro Hattori mystery.

Today’s tour stop includes a review at:

Worth Getting in Bed For 

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