February Observances, 2013

No clue how this month got so far advanced without me noticing, but I’m going with “deadlines can be distracting.”

There’s still time to celebrate February’s observances, though – so with no further ado, I’ll remind you that February is:

Bake for family fun month (and in some cases, fun for the fire department too!)

Pull your sofa off the wall month (one might ask why you duct-taped it there in the first place, but I digress…)

Sweet Potato Month (badly behaved potatoes need not apply)

Expect Success Month (no joke here…this one I’m actually fond of)

and, last but not least:

Pet dental health month (a good excuse not to share your cupcakes with the cat.)13B Icing on the Cupcake

Know other great observances this month? Share ’em in the comments – I love a party!


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