Family Christmas Photos 2012…A Tragedy in Haiku

Let’s go take pictures/No mom, I don’t want to go/Me neither, my son.

Appointment at 8/We’re on time but they are not/Yay, an hour wait.

Photo session starts/photographer is a newb/these photos will suck.

Photos do not suck/because every one was lost/photographer fail.

She offers re-shoot/at 10 pm? I think not./Ragequit studio.

Next day, a phone call/manager recovered files/all-time worst photos.*

Manager is nice/profuse apologizing/still, no re-shoot, thanks.

Now we try again/New place, but same family/Let’s not hold our breath.

* Note: the manager acknowledged that the photographs the newbie photographer produced were not only not professional quality, but shockingly bad even if taken by a non-professional. And no, I’m not going to tell you the name of the studio where this happened. They have multiple photographers and I have been informed that the newbie assigned to our photos has garnered multiple complaints – and the fiasco with our family cemented a decision to release the budding “photographer” back into the wilds from whence it came – thereby sparing others our *cough* experience.