Eat More Pizza, it Could Save Your Life

Well, ok, not really. The pizza will probably kill you. But if it doesn’t, you might just get lucky and have a delivery driver like Susan Guy, who is now a hero for two reasons. (The first involves appearing on doorsteps with pizza. For the second, keep reading.)

One of Ms. Guy’s regular customers was an elderly woman who ordered a pizza every day for approximately three years. (1,000 Domino’s pizzas. In a row. Yikes.) The order never varied – a large pepperoni (apparently for one) – and was so regular that the store often prepared for it in advance.

When the customer didn’t call for three days in a row, Ms. Guy decided to drive by the house and check in. The woman didn’t answer the door, so the intrepid delivery driver checked in with a neighbor instead. When the neighbor hadn’t seen the elderly woman in days, the pizza driver called 9-1-1.

Paramedics responded and discovered the elderly Mrs. Wilson on the floor of her home, alive but in need of help. She had fallen last Saturday and couldn’t get up or reach a telephone.

But for the concern of a local pizza delivery driver hero, no one would have found her.

Mrs. Wilson is expected to recover, and though the incident seems unlikely to encourage her to eat differently I think we can all understand her preferences a little better now.

If I knew pizza would save my life someday, I’d probably eat a lot more of them too.