Courting Good Habits…and Bad Ones

My desk looks like a filing cabinet threw up.

Granted, I’m getting ready for a (very rare) court appearance and it’s necessary to get the files in order. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time my desk has more than its share of wandering papers in play.

This confuses (and alternately amuses and frustrates) me because I’m ordinarily quite an organized person. I like everything in its place. Some people can focus in chaos, but I’m not one of them.

Not that you’d know it from looking at my desk.

There are piles, though everything is “in its place” from my psychological perspective – which leads me to wonder if others have similar tendencies. In the end, I’m more “organized with chaotic tendencies” – or perhaps “Chaotic Neat”  (with apologies to my D&D-playing friends). My desk may not look perfect, but if you move something I will know – and like the proverbial princess with a pea beneath the mattress, I won’t function properly until the item is returned to its proper place.

How do you write? Are you a neatnik? Messy? Some combination of the two? I’d love to hear where others fall on the spectrum.