Anything for a Party – July 2012 Edition

July will be here before Monday will, so here’s your Friday head-start on the various observances under way in the month to come:

Cell Phone Courtesy Month (Don’t know about yours, but mine has an attitude problem)

Make a Difference to Children Month (Note: children are different from starfish. Statistically, 2% of you got that joke. The rest are in danger of tossing kids into the sea.)

Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month (I’d explain more, but it scares me.)

Family Golf Month (Because the only thing that makes golf less annoying is sharing it with … on second thought, nevermind.)

National Ice Cream and Horseradish Month (But thankfully, not together – unless you’re Morimoto, and then even I might eat it.)

and, last but not least:

Doghouse Repair Month (Because if you’re going to be sleeping there, you might as well be comfortable.)