Angry Fish Disapproves of Your Work Product.

I’m in the weeds today, trying to get through the piled-up work and onto some writing this evening. I had a great lunch with friends, and am finding it difficult to get back into a diligent frame of mind.

Upon my return to the office, I also realized I had forgotten to set up today’s blog post, so on top of everything else it’s 3pm and I’m hideously far from completing Today’s Productivity Goals.

In fact, I’m thinking I might as well write today off as lost. Here’s hoping tomorrow will result in higher success.

For now I think I’ll settle for a Gentleman’s D and the following photo, which pretty much sums up the reaction today deserves:

Maximus Disapproves. Do better tomorrow, or else.

Anyone else having a less-than-productive day? Hop into the comments and share!

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