An Update on Hiro and Father Mateo!

I’ve received quite a bit of (much appreciated!) email lately, asking about the next book in the Hiro Hattori/Father Mateo mystery series.

I’m delighted to announce that yes, there will be more books! I’m working hard on Book 9, which does not yet have a formal title or release date, but is definitely one of my favorites in the series to date. While I’m not going to share any plot spoilers, I will share the teaser image above: Inuyama Castle, near Nagoya, is Japan’s oldest original wooden castle. The structure dates to the early 16th century, which means it was standing in 1566, when Hiro and Father Mateo made their way down the central travel road through the Kiso Valley (later known as the Nakasendō) after the events in Fires of Edo.

The castle, and the historical daimyō who held it at that time, feature prominently in the new novel.

I’ll let you know when I have more news to share!