An Exciting Announcement!

I’m thrilled that I can now announce the secret project I’ve been working on – the contract is signed, and in March I’ll be applying for a visa to spend a year in Japan for this exciting new adventure!

Here’s the deal announcement, which my agent submitted to the industry deal news this week:

Mystery author Susan Spann’s first nonfiction work 100 SUMMITS: AN AMERICAN WOMAN’S QUEST TO SCALE  JAPAN’S MOST FAMOUS PEAKS IN A SINGLE YEAR, pitched as Wild meets Eat, Pray, Love meets A Walk in the Woods, an inspiring, humorous travelogue chronicling the author’s 2018 quest to let go of her fears and climb the hyakumeizan (the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan), to be published in 2020 just before the Tokyo summer Olympics, to Steven L. Mitchell at Prometheus Books, by Sandra Bond at Bond Literary Agency. (World)

I’ll have more details in the weeks to come, and I hope you’ll join me here and on my social media pages for updates and virtual tours of the mountains as I undertake the year-long 100 SUMMITS adventure!

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  • December 10, 2017 at 3:18 am

    Wonderful! Congratulations!!!

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