A Labor (Day) of Love

Today is Labor Day in the United States — a federal holiday (established as such in 1894) commemorating the contributions of working people and the efforts of the labor movement.

Most of us celebrate Labor Day with a notable absence of labor–banks and many shops are closed, people have the day off work and school, and it’s the “last hurrah” of summer (although, given the sweltering weather here in Sacramento, I’d say summer isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel). 

I love Labor Day, because it’s a sign that my favorite season–autumn–is approaching. Soon, summer’s heat will fade to brisk, cold nights and mornings with a chilly snap in the air. We don’t get as much autumn foliage in Sacramento as other places do, but some of the neighborhood trees do their best to put on a colorful show.

Last year, I was fortunate to spend part of autumn’s foliage season in Japan, including several lovely hikes in the Japan alps and on sacred Mount Koya.

Nakasendo Foliage

Now, as autumn rolls back around, I’m looking forward to sharing photos and stories from those climbs.

Nakasendo Waterwheel

I know a lot of people love summer, but autumn will always have my heart.

Are you looking forward to autumn leaves? What’s your favorite season?