A Guest Post About Resolutions

Today we’re joined once again by my critique partner and fellow Historical fiction author DeAnn Smith, who’s sharing a few special words about resolutions:

13A DeAnn Smith headshot

Like many folks, I make New Year’s resolutions.

They are inevitably the exercise-more-and-lose-weight resolutions. Annually, I promise to strive to be a better wife and employee.

And invariably, I fail to meet my hopes and desires. I hope 2013 breaks the trend.

My grandest hope for 2013 is to finish my historical novel on Anne of York and find myself confidently pitching my book at the Historical Novel Society convention in June. And if I’m really going to dream big, I’ve lost several dress sizes and I’m sveltely sashaying in Florida in my “old” clothes I can fit into again (much work at the gym and lots of hunger pangs would be involved for that to happen).

While walking my Australian cattle dog, Lucy, in the woods that line the creek behind our home, I enjoy contemplating life and my book. I meditate and seek inspiration from nature as Lucy sniffs the air and chases the birds and squirrels.

Last week, my boots crunched through freshly fallen snow as I paused atop my favorite bluff overlooking the creek below. I always get my best inspiration there, and hope for the occasional deer to pop up. And on this day, the trees seem to whisper the answer.

My New Year’s resolution is to appreciate what I have and not focus on what I don’t have. My resolution is to be the best I can be.

I have been so blessed and I have so many fabulous people in my life. I have been given so many opportunities. But my nature is to focus on what I don’t have, what I think I should have and to let paranoia eat away at my soul.

Instead of focusing on how many pounds I lose, how many words I write, how many pages I edit, how I conduct myself at work, and how well I treat the ones I love, I’m going to embrace all the extraordinary gifts in my life. I am going to cherish them and celebrate them. I am going to focus on what’s right in the world and not what’s wrong while still hoping to make it a better place.

I’m going to dream big and hope I’m wearing a size 6 dress as agents fall all over me because they believe the world is ready for a unique take on what really happened to Edward V and his brothers along with the sister, who gave everything and more to cherish and protect her family. Look out 2013! Here I come!