2012’s April Monthly Observances

Since April actually starts on Sunday (and so does the A to Z Blogging Challenge), I thought I’d post April’s monthly observances a little early and give you all time to get into the celebration spirit.

If you’re looking to party next month, you should know that April 2012 is official:

Emotional Overeating Awareness Month (I’m so happy! Pass the cupcakes…)

Global Child Nutrition Month (If your child looks like a globe…refer to observance #1).

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month (A pattern emerges…)

Holy Humor Month (Batman!)

Workplace Conflict Awareness Month (The Xerox machine keeps jamming because it doesn’t like you. And while we’re on the topic, the fax machine thinks you need a mint.)


International Twit Award Month (Acceptance speeches limited to 140 characters.)

Happy April and Happy Observances to You!