What Good Taste in Blogs You Have…

January 24, 2010: National Compliment Day

I once heard it said that it takes seven compliments to undo the negative perceptions created by one harsh complaint.  Whether or not that’s accurate, it’s always a good idea to let people know we appreciate what they do.  A simple compliment (and sometimes just a smile) often goes a very long way.

How many times have you found yourself smiling just because a stranger smiled first?

Just this morning, someone told me “It’s nice to see you” under circumstances when no compliment was socially required.  I’ll be honest – it made my day.

A door held open. An unexpected smile. People taking an extra moment to make someone feel worthwhile has an exponential impact on the day.  Not only does the recipient feel better, he or she will often turn around and pass it on.

Take an extra moment to hold the door today.  Smile at a stranger. Compliment her baby or his dog. (Just make sure you don’t mix them up.  The baby isn’t always the one in the diaper.)

I’ll start it off: You have wonderful taste in blogs and I really like your shoes (or toes, if you’re currently barefoot like me).

Tag.  You’re it. Pass it on.

One thought on “What Good Taste in Blogs You Have…

  • January 30, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    I know I can always count on your for good information and a smile. 🙂 I love your pleasant, intelligent voice as it comes through your writing. All the best.

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