Wednesday Writing Challenge: Seeing the Unseen

Last week we talked about observation.

This week’s writing challenge: take one of those “invisible” objects and describe it from the point of view of someone for whom it would not have been invisible.

Here’s mine:

My eyes scanned the drying racks, seeking the piece I wanted.  Someone had moved it to the back.  Reaching between a pair of porcelain plates, I wrapped my hands around the smooth, narrow neck, just large enough to have heft without losing its sinuous lines.

I laid the unfinished vase on the table and admired the speckles in the clay.  No opaque glazes this time.  I selected a translucent royal blue and dipped the piece in upside down to coat the sides.  After a quick swirl to coat the interior, I returned the vase to the racks.  Hand thrown, with a narrow neck above a base that mimicked the contours of a woman’s hips, it had both solidity and grace.  One of my best, I thought with a smile.  It’s sure to be noticed anywhere.

(The object is a vase that sits in my office.  I put flowers in it every week, but I rarely notice the vase itself, even though it belonged to my father and he loved it dearly.  I won’t be overlooking it anymore.)

What was your object?  How do you see it differently now?