Ways to Know Your Monday is in the Weeds

I am in the weeds today, literally and figuratively.  It rained yesterday, preventing me from giving my roses the TLC they desperately need, and it’s raining work this morning, which is good for The Profession Of Which We Do Not Speak but not so much for the writing and blogging ‘should attend it. (With apologies to Shakespeare, though none to Lady Macbeth).

How, you ask, did I know my Monday was in the weeds?  Let me offer you some guidelines.

1. I walked into my partner’s office to discuss a business issue while simultaneously stapling some documents together.  Before leaving I laid my stapler on his desk, directly beside his stapler (which happens to be the exact same type and brand).  Two hours later, I realized I had lost my stapler.  It took me another ninety minutes to remember where I left it. (For the record, he didn’t notice it either, which suggests he might be in the weeds too.)

2. Breakfast was called on account of…lunch. (Since I didn’t get to either until five minutes ago.)

3.  Blogging was item #1 on my “to-do” list this morning.  I have now completed items #2, 5, and 7-9, but not 1, 3 or 6.  (The errant ordering had nothing to do with squeaky wheels or urgency of the projects at hand – merely the fact that I seem to have the attention span of a hyper-caffeinated squirrel.)

Anyone else notice that time is moving in fast-forward today?