The Obligatory Coffee Post

I drink a lot of coffee.

No, a LOT of coffee.  Four-to-six-times-twelve-ounces-a-day lot of coffee.  Some real number of pots equal to or greater than one, lot of coffee.

I like it a lot.

It also helps calm the essential tremor (aka benign familial tremor) I inherited from my father, so my handwriting doesn’t look quite so much like an octogenarian in a 6.5 earthquake.  Most of the time.

That said, I thought I’d take the chance to procrastinate writing the synopsis for my latest work in progress share a couple links to my favorite dealers coffee providers.

First: Redbird Kona.  All Kona, All the Time.  Party in a cup, and not to be missed.  If you haven’t had 100% kona, but you like coffee, you’ll find it’s worth the price.  If you already know what you’re missing, this is better than the others I’ve had.

Next: Klatch Coffee.  All kinds of awesome varietals, roasted and mailed monthly for those of us on the IV drip coffee club.  I have yet to try one I didn’t love.

Got a good coffee purveyor who I can find online?  Please let me know.  I’m always on the lookout for a new place to try.